Dispute Resolution

“The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them.” ~Tom Crum

In many instances, we have helped to prevent protracted and expensive litigation before it might have started. We are adept at both informal and formal mediation and alternate forms of dispute resolution.

Diplomacy is our preferred approach to problem solving. Yet when diplomacy might fail, we are not averse to litigation as a last resort to dispute resolution.

    “Thank you for your honesty and integrity in handling the case and making it easier for me to deal with a situation that was out of my league.”
    – B. (client)

Indeed, we have successfully represented trustees whose actions have been challenged in court and trust beneficiaries whose rights have been abridged whether it is in matters involving the validity of a contested trust, accountings by a trustee, or surcharge for and against a trustee for alleged breach of trust.

We have also successfully represented heirs in will contests ranging from the modest of estates to multi-million dollar estates.

And, we have represented conservators and conservatees in contested conservatorship proceedings in the context of a contested appointment, a contested accounting, financial elder abuse and improperly managed and/or misappropriated assets and/or income.