About Us

Waiting ChairLocated in beautiful San Luis Obispo—just a short walk to the courthouse and its adjacent governmental buildings—our offices are housed in a charming and lovingly restored early-California bungalow at the corner of Santa Rosa and Peach Streets.

Our attorneys and experienced staff provide personal representation to our clientele across the spectrum of estate planning, trust law, elder law, probate, special needs planning, conservatorships and will and trust disputes.

    “You, my friend, lightened the load for me. For this, I will be eternally grateful. You, I would rate as a person of high professional integrity and would not hesitate in the least to recommend you to all I meet or know.”
    – J. (client)

Our clients come from all walks of life—from our youngest client at age 18 to our oldest current client at the ripe young age of 106. From the most straightforward to the most complex of estate matters, we bring a breadth of experience and expertise to our clients’ matters in all aspects of trusts, wills, probate, conservatorships, long-term care planning, estate and gift tax planning—as well as disputed will, trust and conservatorship matters.

We are Creative, Resolution-Oriented Attorneys.

Old fashioned in service, but cutting edge in our approach, we have a higher than normal staff-to-attorney ratio in order to insure the quality of our personal service. Our attorneys and staff utilize state-of-the-art information and research technology in order to efficiently deliver our legal services in the most cost-effective manner.

Estate Planning

Protecting our clients’ legacy and personal autonomy through custom designed estate planning, has been a hallmark of our firm. During the past 20 years, we have drafted and implemented hundreds of estate plans from the simple to the most complex—protecting our clients’ assets and personal autonomy, whilst saving their families and loved ones from the emotional and financial burdens of probate, conservatorship proceedings, long-term care costs and income, estate and gift taxes.

Trust and Estate Administration

We have represented countless numbers of executors in probates, trustees in a trust administration and/or termination and conservators in a conservatorship proceeding. We have helped our clients navigate the oft-unappreciated and complex waters of acting as a fiduciary.

Asset Protection

We have preserved and protected the family’s assets and income where, at first, it may have appeared to the family that those assets and income would all be lost to unexpected and uninsured medical bills or long-term care costs.

Dispute Resolution

We have successfully represented will and trust beneficiaries, conservators, court-appointed executors and trustees, and corporate fiduciaries in disputed wills, trust and/or conservatorship matters in estate matters ranging from the modest to the multi-millions of dollars.