Asset Protection

“You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it.” ~Tennessee Williams

We take pride and great satisfaction in protecting and preserving a client’s assets and income.

We have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of asset protection, including the protection of assets for a minor, a spendthrift, a disabled person on SSI, SSDI, Medi-Cal and/or Medicaid and a person who has long-term care needs occasioned by an accident, an incapacitating illness and that is otherwise uncovered by other health insurance.

For younger families, we can help you plan for the future care of your children in the event of an untimely death, or assist you with the legal problems brought about by an incapacitated, disabled or deceased parent or grandparent whose estate plan was ignored, nonexistent or improperly set up.

    “Thank you for taking over my case and getting me all the help to make my future a little ‘richer’.  You did a great job and I felt like I was working with a friend.  For all your time and patience, I truly thank you.”
    – S. (client)

For those of pre-retirement age, we can give you the peace of mind afforded by properly putting your affairs in order for you and your family, planning for possible business succession, retirement or addressing the needs of a vulnerable or disabled parent or other close relative who has suffered a debilitating illness.

Those of our clientele past retirement age often need to revise or update an already existent estate plan to properly plan for that stage of life.

We have extensive experience with the following entities and agencies when needed:

  • The Superior Court:

    • To obtain needed asset and income protection orders in the context of a married spouse in long-term care

    • To institute protective proceedings for an incapacitated adult who is in need of the court’s protection via a conservatorship

    • To establish a guardianship for a minor who is the recipient of property

  • The Department of Social Services (DSS) in all counties of the state of California for initial Medi-Cal eligibility and continuing Medi-Cal eligibility compliance

  • The Social Security Administration for SSI eligibility and continuing eligibility compliance

  • Long-term care insurance providers

  • Adult Protective Services

  • Long-Term Care Ombudsman’s Office

  • The Public Guardian’s Office


    “Thank you for all you did for me and my boys. I feel much better knowing they will be well cared for should anything happen to me”
    – M. (client)